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Homeward Bound

As you recall, our dogs' journey started with the owners abandoning their family pets, leaving them on the streets, dropping them off in the everglades or at animal shelters. The mental and physical abuse they endured would have meant prison time if this were their own children. To us, they are our children.

Fortunately, our rescue partners would not let this happen.

These great and caring rescue people have entrusted their wonderful dogs for us at Bow-Wow Resorts to help restore their reason for living. Their journey brought them to us. They spent 14 days in our quarantine facility and then moved to our general population area. We provided their vet visits, food, shelter, caring, exercise, baths, love, and attention. Now, hopefully, they get adopted and their second chance at life begins. This story needs to be repeated over and over again until all of the dog abuse and neglect ends.Can you please help and make your heart whole with your donation. We can not do it without you.