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Furniture Donation

Donate Furniture & Help Us Save the Homeless Dogs

Pet abandonment has become a major issue in Florida with more and more people dropping off their family pets on the streets. These voiceless animals are forced to wander around the streets with no shelter or food. Animal exploitation is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Our journey at Bow Wow Thrift started with recognizing the inhumane activities of pet owners, and puppy mills Bow Wow Thrift accepts FINANCIAL DONATIONS from generous donors to help support our rescue partners offering shelter and protection to innocent four-legged animals. You too can be a part of our cause through furniture donation in South Florida. 


Our vision

We believe that every dog deserves to live a safe and healthy life even if it has been abandoned by its pet parents. There’s a second chance for everything, be it humans or animals. Our Rescue Partners provide the right food, care, housing and love to homeless dogs with the help of our growing community of generous donators. Our rescue groups ensure that the dogs are quarantined for 14 days for health checks and state law before they are to be fostered or adopted. Donate furniture in Florida and help us continue providing shelter, nutrition, and care to them until they get adopted again. 

Our Team

We are lucky to have been supported by animal lovers! At Bow Wow Thrift, our team consists of selfless individuals who are dedicated to rescuing every abandoned and stray dog to give them the care and love they deserve. We have partnered with rescue shelters across Florida, and across the country.. The sole intention of our rescue team is to shape the future of animal welfare. Most importantly, our team includes generous people like you who make caregiving possible through varied donations. Furniture donation in Florida is one such viable way through which you can make a valuable contribution. 

Trust, Credibility & Transparency

At Bow Wow Thrift, we strive to maintain trust, credibility, and transparency in the work that we do. Bow Wow Thrift is a non-profit 501-(c)(3) Corporation that supports our rescue groups. Our rescue groups house care and feed abandoned dogs and promote animal welfare. Here, you can make 100% tax-deductible donations to help the vulnerable animals in need. If you are willing to donate furniture in Florida, make a call or reach out to us. Also, you can schedule a furniture donation pick-up in South Florida.

Make a difference today and help our furry friends with your generous donations. The unwanted furniture can save lives and provide adequate care to the four-legged animals. Stop wasting time and money on getting rid of unwanted furnishings. Donate them for a good cause!

Furniture Donation: What does it involve?

We offer furniture pickup for donation in Florida to ease the process and make it hassle-free for you. Your furniture should be in great to excellent condition. Every donation counts and we appreciate your generosity. The furniture and belongings donated by you are put up for sale to raise funds. The funds raised are used for supporting our rescue partners varied shelter houses and dog boarding facilities. We have a dedicated team for furniture donation pick up in Florida who ensures that the furniture is collected from you. Please call use with a description of your furniture. If you do not have furniture to donate, financial contributions are greatly appreciated.  

For more details about furniture pickup and donation in Florida, feel free to connect with us. !

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